The awards segment of IRL will allow us to applaud the industry’s huge contribution to our society over the last 18 months, by recognising individuals and initiatives that have made a difference.

You can nominate your friends and colleagues for awards. And our industry panel will choose the very best nominations to receive a prize on the night. Winners must be able to attend the event in person on the night – but do let us know if anyone might need assistance with that, or is unable to attend due to health/accessibility reasons and we may make exceptions. There won’t be any shortlist, and we’d love to get as many of our winners as possible to the event without them knowing they’ve won!

See our categories and entry requirements below, for those familiar with our popular 30 Under 30 list, you’ll be largely familiar with the process.


The deadline for nominations is 1pm on August 13th – sorry, no extensions.

Due to current uncertainties the awards are only open to those in the UK who are able to attend the IRL event. We will endeavour to support all our winners to attend.

We highly recommend that you consider your sponsors carefully. Consider who is in the best position to praise the nominee and their efforts, their line manager, their CEO, their colleagues, those outside their own organisation, those who have benefitted from their efforts? A diverse range of sponsors will be far more impactful than three similar ones.

We’re happy to accept multiple signees per sponsor, so if a handful of you want to write a single sponsor piece but undersign it with many names then that’s great. We simply don’t have the capacity to wade through 10 or more similar affidavits from the nominees team.

Hope that helps, any queries please get in touch, we’d much rather hear from you before than after!

After discussion with the industry and our partners we’ve settled on these categories. Each category will feature three winners, so there’s a good chance to win for the right nominees!

Accessibility Hero Supported by PTW
Our games and our industry must continue to endeavour to provide access to all, whether that’s via a game’s UI, or building a more accessible office space. Tell us who led your efforts in these areas.

New Impacts – Supported by CCP Games’ London Studio
Tell us about your brightest new starters who joined the industry during the pandemic. Who mastered Zoom, made an immediate impact to your projects and felt indispensable, despite you never having met in person.

Lockdown Heroes – Supported by Safe in our World
We’re looking for the staff that stood up to keep everything running smoothly for your company in 2020. Let us know who kept their head and helped everyone else keep theirs in the unimaginable chaos of last year.

Healthy Leaders – Supported by Hutch
Balancing the needs of the team, the needs of the project and the needs of the company is rarely easy. Tell us about the leaders who have got it right over the last 18 months and proved that making great games is about looking after great creatives.

Diversity Champions– Supported by Keywords Studios
The games industry needs to be more diverse, to better reflect the broad demographics of its players. Who has been your company’s diversity champion, working to improve the demographics or opportunities of minorities working in, or looking to work in, the industry.

Community Visionaries
Games can be much more than just entertainment. We’re looking for those who have reached beyond the experience to build powerful and positive events and initiatives with their communities to improve our society.

CSR Initiatives – Supported by Keywords Studios
What has your company done to make the world a better place (apart from making great games!). Tell us about your initiatives in this area and the people who championed them.

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